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Power of Attorney

Unless you intend to come to Spain on a regular basis, and unless you want to attend notary appointments in person, you will find it cheaper and much less of a hassle to grant us a Power of Attorney (POA) to undertake administrative tasks in connection to purchasing, selling or simply owning a property in Spain. In addition, if you or any person who is buying or selling the property with you is unable to attend completion, the purchase/sale cannot take place and a penalty may be incurred.

We will explain in full the content of and type you may need, indicating for how long the POA will remain in force.

The POA must be signed in front of a Notary therefore we would look to organise the signing of the document when you are in Spain. All parties that will be involved in any joint transactions must be present at the same time to sign the POA.

Our fee for organising a standard POA is less than 300.00 euros plus IVA. In addition, you should allow for approximately 100.00 euros plus IVA in disbursement costs to cover Notary fees. Please note that Notary fees do vary from area to area and will differ depending on the size of the POA to be signed.

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