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Property Purchase Conveyancing Service

No matter whether you are buying a new-build or resale property in mainland Spain, the Balearic or Canary Islands, Legalanswers can take the worry out of your Spanish property purchase by providing you with a comprehensive conveyancing service.

  • We will liaise with the vendor, their representative or agent, to obtain the necessary documentation in relation to the property.
  • We will obtain a land registry report, a ‘Nota Simple’, from the corresponding Land Registry.
  • We will ensure that you are aware of any title, registration, planning, tax or contractual issues before you commit to buying what you think is the property of your dreams.
  • We can negotiate the terms of the purchase contract with the vendor or their authorised representative, to ensure that your best interests are protected.
  • If you have already signed a contract and made payments we can still advise you of what you have signed and identify any issues that may not have been brought to your attention, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • If you require a mortgage we can suggest a reputable independent financial advisor (see Other Services) and we will liaise with your mortgage provider.
  • We can represent you at the completion meeting that takes place in front of the Notary if we have a Power of Attorney for you.
  • Following completion we will ensure that your new property is correctly registered in your name and pay any taxes and costs to the Spanish authorities on your behalf.

Our standard conveyancing service legal fee is charged at 1% of the purchase price, with a minimum fee of 1,500 euros. We may be able to offer you a fixed or discounted fee depending on where you are buying, the purchase price, the number of properties you are purchasing or if we are acting for you on another matter. We will always provide you with a clear written quote for our fees.

In addition to our standard conveyancing service we can also provide the following additional services related to a property purchase, at a small additional cost;

  • Assistance with obtaining NIE’s
  • Assist with contracting utilites to your property with the relevant service providers and set-up regular payments for these and any municipal taxes that you will have to pay.

When buying a house in the UK most people would never consider buying without using a lawyer or a qualified conveyancer. By employing our services you will receive an independent assessment of what you are actually buying, one that you can compare to what you have been told by others involved in the purchase. Is the garage, storeroom or additional plot of land included in the purchase price? Your lawyer will tell you as they will be acting only for you and no-one else in the transaction.

When should I instruct Legalanswers?
Ideally you will get in contact with us before you have signed any kind of contract or paid any deposit. If we receive your formal instructions and a small retaining fee, we will be able to start acting for you as soon as you have found a property. By instructing us from the beginning we will be able to look at any reservation contract that you may be asked to sign and advise you accordingly before you make any kind of reservation payment. Please be aware that in most cases reservation deposits are non-refundable.

If you have already signed a contract or paid a deposit and are now starting to think that you should obtain some legal advice, do so as soon as possible.

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