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If you own property in Spain we strongly recommend that each person named on the Title Deed of the property prepares a Spanish Will. This Will only relates to your assets in Spain and prevents difficulties arising for your heirs in the event of your death.

It is not possible to make joint Wills under Spanish law.

  • If you already own a Spanish property we can arrange for a Will to be drawn up for each registered owner for your peace of mind.

  • We will send each person requiring a Spanish Will a questionnaire to complete.

  • We draft the Will in accordance with your wishes in both English and Spanish.

  • We will organise for the Will to be signed in front of the Notary.

As it is not possible to sign a Will on behalf of a client using a Power of Attorney, each person requiring a Will is required to be present at the time of signing.

The cost of our standard Wills service is less than 300.00 euros per person plus IVA. In addition, you should allow for approximately 100.00 euros plus IVA in disbursement costs per Will to cover Notary fees. Please note that Notary fees do vary from area to area and will differ depending on the size of the Will to be signed.

If your assets are complicated or high in value, you should consider appointing a specialist tax or financial advisor. We can recommend appropriate reputable companies to do this for you.

If you die without making a Spanish Will any assets in Spain will be subject to Spanish inheritance laws and will be distributed to the immediate family in pre-determined proportions.

The absence of a Spanish Will means that you have no control over who benefits from your estate and there will be a delay while officials determine, in accordance with the law, which family members are entitled to which assets.

To avoid any time-consuming and expensive legal problems for your beneficiaries, contact Legalanswers to arrange your Spanish Will.

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